2017 VPA Convention Committee

Advisory Committee

Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Mr. Dinesh Gowda
  • Assures to conduct the conference along the lines of VPA objectives and VPA Convention Guidelines
  • Meet convention committees on a regular basis and provide directions and resources
  • Work with the VPA President to resolve any issues or conflicts before, during and after the conference
  • Communicate with the VPA Executive Committee (EC) and Board of Trustees (BOT) on a regular basis with the progress of the convention activities.
VPA President Dr. Balu Chandra
VPA Vice-President Dr. Vasudev Bomanna
Convention Treasurer Mr. Prasanna Kumar
Convention Treasurer
Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Treasurer Mr. Prasanna Kumar
  • Maintain database of the registrants by mail, fax, and online
  • Prepare Receipt templates for Donations
  • Deposit registration and donation checks on-time & Update Registration spreadsheet
  • Follow-up with potential donors after the sales call
  • Issue Donation Receipt to the Sponsors
  • Check Paypal account on a regular basis and update the registration spreadsheet
  • Collect checks from the Registration Committee during and after the convention
  • Coordinate with the Registration Committee & Hotel Committee on incoming registrations and donations
  • Collect Receipts; Match Receipts vs Payments; Write checks to Vendors & members approved by the Convention Chair
  • Prepare consolidated P&L statement for the National Treasurer 90 days of convention
Publicity Committee
Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Roopa Gowda
  • Develop contents and publicity materials (logos, banners, etc)
  • Coordinate with all VPA regional Chapters to get the current address list
  • Print publicity materials, stationeries (envelopes, letterheads, business cards, etc.)
  • Mail all conference materials including registration forms, program forms, etc.
  • Coordinate with VPA Regional chapter presidents in publicizing the conference.
  • Coordinate with Website committee for posting contents in a timely manner and e-mail communication.
  • Mail formal invitation to the registrants
  • Send e-mail reminder to all the registrants before the conference with helpful information.
  • Send thank you e-mail to all the registrants after the conference.
  • Send e-mail to entire VPA community about the success of the conference
  • Post conference press release to Local & Indian news media
Co-Chair Prasanna Kumar
Kiran Mohan
Parinitha Ramesh
Marketing and Fundraising Committee

Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Balu Chandra
  • Develop & oversee the budget for the conference
  • Lead fundraising activities
  • Solicit advertisements for the conference souvenir.
  • Solicit sponsorships for programs, food, atrtists, etc.
  • Establish Checking account for the conference with Non-profit status
  • Deposit checks into conference checking account
  • Keep track of accounts receivables & accounts payables
  • Document all expense receipts
  • Prepare accounts for auditing at the end of the conference
  • Present Financial statement at the conference and to the VPA Board
  • Appropriate funds left over adhering to VPA guidelines. Close the conference checking account
  • Regional coordinators are responsible for fund raising activities in their respective regions
Co-Chair Vishwamithra
Treasurer Prasanna Kumar
Corporate Sponsorship
Chair (Booths)
Vasudev Bommanna
Kavitha Ramanna
Dinesh Gowda
Food Committee

Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Kavitha Ramanna
  • Prior to Conference:
    • Develop food budget
    • Selecting menu for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
    • Get quotes from at least 2 different chefs for the selected menu
    • Select chefs
    • Arranging pre-conference sample taste with the actual preparation of the menu selected
    • Coordinate with the Hotel Kitchen staff to meet chef’s requirements
    • Identify and follow of any regulatory compliance requirements with the hotel and the state government.
    • During Conference:
    • Recruit volunteers for food serving
    • Escort tables in an orderly fashion to the buffet area
    • Make sure all food items are available during serving
Co-Chairs Asha Satish, Venkatesh Gowda
Raji Gowda
Prema Ramesh
Hemanth Anakal
Entertainment (EC) Committee

Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Rashmi Shashikumar
  • Develop Program registration form, rules, guidelines, and deadline for submitting programs
  • Contact VPA regional chapters soliciting programs.
  • Select well-balanced programs for the conference representing kids, adults, dance, drama, music, etc.
  • Set program duration, schedule, and sequence for each program
  • Create final program schedule chart to be printed in the “Program Book”
  • Inform program participants about their performance day & time slot
  • Get requirements of the selected programs for any special resources required such as lighting, background scene, music, etc.
  • Obtain needed materials (CDs, Cassette Tapes, DVD’s, etc) from the program participants – Edit, Compile & Burn CDs
  • Coordinate with MC committee for introduction, announcements, and any special resources required for the programs
  • Develop Audio/video requirements for the programs
  • Coordinate with Audio/Video Committee in meeting A/V (microphones, background lighting, etc.) requirements
  • Select background music during procession, lunch, dinner, breaks, etc.
  • Select DJ and music for dance
Leads Hanumesh Srinivas
Vidya Jagadish
Kavitha Ramanna
Prithvi Indavara
Preethi Prithvi
Prema Ramesh
Prasanna Kumar
Nagendra Kumar
Shamala Reddy
Master Of Ceremony (MC) Committee
Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Kshama Dayananda
  • Coordinate with the Program committee and A/V committee to arrange required microphones (wired & wireless)
  • Coordinate with the Program Committee in developing the script for announcement for each program
  • Develop MCs schedule with equal participation of MCs.
  • Coordinate with the program committee in managing the time during program execution.
  • Develop standard dialogues for program transitions.
  • All MC scripts must be typed to avoid impromptu speeches by the MCs.
Co-Chair Tyagi Rangappa
Sahana Chandru
Mahathi Mohan
Srilaxmi Raj
Program Management Committee
Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Sudakar Arakere
  • Coordinate with the Entertainment committee in developing requirements for the stage size
  • Coordinate with the Entertainment committee and the MC committee on ensuring no delays between the programs
  • Coordinate with EC, MC, and Audio/Video committees during the convention
Co-Chair Shashi Kumar
Rashmi Shashi Kumar
Kiran Mohan
Creativity & Decoration Committee
Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Nandini Chandra
  • Coordinate with the Program committee in developing requirements for the stage size
  • Design & Display VPA Convention Banners through the facility
  • Work with the Venue vendors to set up the stage
  • Coordinate with A/V and lighting committee to set up the stage ambience
  • Arrange flowers, plants, ornaments, and other Paraphernalia to decorate following areas:
    • Stage
    • Registration desk, Reception area
    • Hall entrance, Breakout rooms
    • Dining table
Co-Chair Shyla Praveen
Divya Kiran
Divya Kiran
Hemalatha Kumar
Bharathi Lokesh
Shamala Reddy
Chandrakala Gangathimmappa
Audio, Video, & Lighting Committee
Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Jagadish Sankarappa
  • Coordinate with the Program committee and the MC committee to identify the A/V & Lighting equipments required
  • Develop budget for the A/V and Lighting equipments
  • Coordinate with the A/V vendor to procure the needed equipments
  • Set up A/V & Lighting equipments
  • Arrange still & video photography
Co-Chair Lokesh Gowda
Vijay Pillappa
Praveen Gowda
Harish Narayanappa
Kiran Shivaramu
Women’s Forum
Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Veena Vasu
  • Develop a theme for the Women?s forum
  • Publish a directory ?Who?s who?of all VPA in business / Cultural/ NGO arena with their brief profile for publication.
  • Arrange half day Women?s Forum on Friday/Saturday in consultation with the program committee.
  • Work with conveners to invite eminent Women for these Forums.
Co-Chair Sandhya Chidanand
Nalini Gowda
Roopa Gowda
Parinitha Ramesh
Website Committee
Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Krishna Rudraiah
  • Develop web graphics
  • Coordinate with the Publicity committee in posting conference related materials on myvpa.org website on a regular basis
  • Set up online registration process
  • Coordinate with the Registration committee consolidating e-mails of the registrants
  • Coordinate with the Publicity committee in sending e-mail reminders to VPA community on a regular basis regarding the progress of the conference
  • Post pictures from the conference on the web
Co-Chair Navyanth Gowda
Madhushree N Gowda
Youth Committee
Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Nidesh Lokesh
  • Coordinate with Registration Committee in getting contact information of youth members attending the conference
  • Set up e-mail list of all VPA youth members
  • Coordinate with Website & Publicity committees in publicizing the youth activities
  • Arrange separate youth activities / room (if needs be) to meet the interest of the VPA youths
  • Compile things & places in the Dallas area suitable for youth to go to
Co-Chair Siddarath Satish
Michael Chandra
Monica Chandra
Shardul GowdaAmruth SatishGautam RangappaKishan Dayananda

Vishal Mohan

Volunteer Committee

Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Gautham Gowda
  • Get volunteer requirements from various committees
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Communicate and coordinate with volunteers during:
    • Registration process
    • Accommodation
    • Food serving
    • Transportation
    • Information on local attraction / site seeing activities
    • Compile things & places in the Dallas Area suitable for trips after the convention
Manika Mohan
Savitha Shivesh
ShashiKumar (Dallas)
Chidanand Reddy
Chithra Harish
Chaithra ErappaMamatha BalachanderPremaLatha MohanSuman Rangappa
Souvenir & Program Book Committee

Title Name Roles & Responsibilities
Chair Dinesh Gowda
  • Develop budget for printing and shipping Souvenir – “Vishwamanava”
  • Develop a theme for the Souvenir publication
  • Design cover graphics for the Souvenir
  • Solicit articles, poems, etc for the Souvenir
  • Coordinate with the Finance committee in seeking ads
  • Identify Printer & shipping issues to print them on-time
  • Work with the Program Committee in developing the “Program Book”
  • Arrange a photo session for committees group pictures to be printed in Souvenir